Monday, January 22, 2007

Second Day Photo Supplement in Chronological Order Part One

Let my goal for this semester resemble this delightful photo montage that greeted me at Kastrup Airport. Let me begin a baby -- innocent, disfigured, leaky -- and let me finish a man with reflective goggles -- inquisitive, focused, outstretched.

Taxi taxi, green light.

Welcome session for Family Stay and Danish Roommate students. At the end of the speeches, families and roommates stood outside the door of the auditorium with the name of their hostee(s). DIS officials read the names off one by one and each student descended the stairs to meet them.

My first morning bowl of cereal in a strange place. Special K, milk, spoon, counter.

Part of my room. Snow outside. Østerbro.

Snow in my courtyard.

The first leg of my commute, the staircase to the inbound H/H+ train at Ryparken.

Opening ceremonies at Ny Carlsbergs Glyptotek. In the words of my new friend Adam, seated to my right, "OHMYGOD EUROPPPPPE!!!" Chamber group + speeches heavily coded with words like "experience" and "cultural exchange" = WELCOME. Something about "Aha!" moments and having them.

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