Friday, February 9, 2007

City of Doom

  • Someone get these yummy Digestives away from me! I ate my weight in (chocolate covered) Digestives while in Ireland, and now it looks like I'll be eating an elephant's-worth here. That's the scientific measurement, you see. In about two seconds I am going to test if I can fit an entire biscuit in my mouth. A result in the affirmative could be dangerous for all parties involved. The biscuit, my mouth.

  • At sunset, clouds here look like the "art" I used to create by smashing whole pastel sticks against paper. That is, mounds of color. Lumpy, cracked masses of pigment. That is, more than clouds.

  • Headline news today: Anna Nicole DØD.

  • Other news today: A group of 4-year old boys in Børnhaven (like Kindergarten) managed during outdoor playtime to dig a hole under a fence big enough for them to crawl through and escape. They were found later that day wandering the streets of Copenhagen. Authorities gently scooped them up and brought them back to school.

  • On the train a few days ago a teenage couple sat across from me. The boy had long dirty hair and the girl wore a black hoodie. They had their arms around each other and were kissy kissing for about three stops. At one point the girl pressed her face into the side of his head. The boy would move, but her face would stay glued to his cheek. He tried to push her off, struggling for a time before she bit his ear and he screamed. It's so hard to tell who's gonna love you best.

  • My Danish teacher was telling our class about parenting philosophies in the country. We were talking about how discipline works and she mentioned that Danish parents always believe in the power of negotiating with their children. They allow children to make their own decisions at very young ages, hoping that they will arrive at the most reasonable conclusions. After this she related an anecdote about a supermarket trip with her then 6-year old son. They were walking through the aisles and he was begging for something outrageous. To drive his point home, he bit her leg. She was so angry that she bit him back. I love Suzanne.

  • I was in this Finnish boutique a few blocks from my classes this afternoon, sifting through beautiful prints and finely cut clothes. The saleswoman was very nice and responded well to my questions in Danish. I was in the dressing room trying on a dress when I heard her ask if she could see how it looked. Feeling a little awkward, I emerged from the dressing area and she became very excited, saying if I liked that dress, she could bring out others in different prints. 20 minutes later I had tried on the dress in six different colors and fabrics, settling on a gray and blue one.

  • SOMEONE EXPEL ME. I made the dummest of dumm comments in my media class today. Seriously, it was so dummmmm. I thought I had a point, but as soon as I opened my mouth, my 10kr. coffee spoke the words for me so that I sounded like a flaming crazy person. I think at one point I was able to string together eight infinitives in the middle of a sentence. JEBUS.

  • Result: I can fit two in my mouth at once. Hm. Well, I guess it's not that bad. The more quickly I get through this one last package of Digestives, the quicker I can not run to the store and NEVER BUY THEM AGAIN.
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